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Twenty eight years alive. What has it taught me? To fear my mortality. Time just slips by so fast and you can never grasp it. You can never utilize it enough. What is a proper life lived? That is an empty question. A life lived has endless definitions, options & answers.

Twenty eight years has taught me that I will grow and die. Yet somewhere in-between those I will strive for what I think is a proper life lived. This early and this late I have decided that the only way to live is to stand by your desires. I desire to be happy & content. My pursuit will be relentless till everything fades to black. I hope more discover their desires earlier and not wait till….twenty eight.

That moment when you “significant other” plans your birthday trip then acts like it’s their day. Fuck birthdays they’re overrated.

lets do the time warp

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roses are red

violets are blue

you better be my wife


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